What's New:

Navigating the Stock Market just got a lot easier. GeoRolodex lets you stay on top of a diverse investment portfolio effortlessly.

COST Analysis:

  • Compare provides a side-by-side view of financials, historical performance and results of selected stocks.
  • Observe monitors the stock for changes due to analyst research updates and market conditions.
  • Select shows various trading opportunities with profit/loss diagram for each strategy.
  • Trade only if you are satisfied with the analysis and understand the risks.
stock change alert stock central

Use Case:

  • A trading opportunity is identified based on market conditions and alerted via Daily Stock Tip.
  • A fortnight later the identified stock has made a significant market move.
  • Gain instant access to tens of strategies to suit every market scenario.
stock central message central stock dashboard

Salient Features

  • Monitor and Trade Stocks.
  • Receive automated notifications when market fluctuates.
  • Instantly map contacts from your address book at current or chosen location.
stock central message central stock dashboard

Usage Notes:


  • Automated notifications are delivered right to your fingertips at key inflection points.
  • Analyst upgrades, downgrades and projection changes are monitored as well.
  • Browse through hundreds of stocks from major US stock exchanges to build your portfolio.
  • The Stock Dashboard provides real-time trading information for each Stock anytime you need.
  • The all-touch Trading Desk lets you buy/sell stocks without even a single keystroke.


  • Interactive map-based user-interface makes navigation intuitive.
  • Finds your current location with the option to choose any location in US/Canada.
  • Locates contacts within a given search radius to call, email and get driving directions.
  • Facilitates editing contact information and saving favorite locations for instant access.
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