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Engineering Services

    We provide value added digital engineering services to various discrete and allied industries. Our skills include:

  • Parametric / Feature based Modeling
  • Design Automation and Application Development
  • Surface Modeling
  • Interface and Tolerance analysis
  • Data porting and legacy data conversion
  • Electrical system deign
  • Layout design
  • Weight, cost and performance estimates
  • Structural, thermal and stress analysis
  • Topographical meshing, GIS and mapping
cadcam services
    Finite Element Analysis

    We have expertise in the popular industry-standard tools like Ansys, Hypermesh, Pro Mechanics and Msc Nastran. We perform:

  • Structural static analysis
  • Model analysis
  • Buckling analysis
  • Harmonic response analysis
  • Steady-state thermal analysis
  • Transient thermal analysis
fe analysis services
    New Product development

    We can assist in new product development and can quickly bring your thoughts into virtual reality including:

  • Conceptual modeling
  • 2-D to 3-D conversions
  • Reverse engineering
  • Assembly and animation of working model
  • Generation of family of parts/assembly configuration
new product development
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